Because I Am Yours - Beth Kery I'll give 4 Stars! for this whole book :))All 8 short stories from this series are actually one book cut in 8 pieces, so it to be released in different dates to drive fans crazy. At least that is what I think.Hopefully authors wont do that again in the future. Cause it's frustrating, really. Do you know the feeling when you can't read the book you're into because you have go to work or other matters to attend too? Basically don't have time for it? And through that time, while you can't read, you constantly living with the characters of that book in your head? Wondering what will happen next.. driving yourself crazy? Yeah, I'm thinking this reading experience must have been just like this with this book for those who started reading it when it first came up. But it's not because they needed to work or attend to other matters that they couldn't finish at their own choosing time. It was thanks to the author! Yup, she gives you few chapters, intrigues you and then BAM! No more read for you today! Go and be mad all day, make everyone around you miserable because you need another dose of dat book!Luckily, I wasn't one of those people who started from when the first peace of the book was released. So my sanity is intact and everyone around me safe, all is well. Have no fear!I was just wondering, what on earth! ( probably not from earth I think) advised with this frustrating-publishing of one book? I think it was a Devil himself. Cause may I just say BRAVO for the tactics!I was captured by this series from the chapter one! Although the story looked somewhat similar to 50 Shades of Gray. And I guess it was in some way. All stories like this one will always have something in common with E.L.James books. Story 'bout wealthy man and a young girl with some dark secrets and kinky fuckery seems very appealing for readers these days. But who am I to judge right? I think I might be one of them LOL :))))So if You haven't read this series yet, you should definitely start it right away. Cause it's nice story with lots of fun in the erotic sense of the word :))You may also read this on: