Iced (Fever, #6; Dani O'Malley, #1) - Karen Marie Moning 3,8 Stars!I needed something more!!!I'm gonna speak my mind so there maybe spoilers involved - Beware!Why oh why is she soo fecking young and soo fecking dumb sometimes?I know what KMM is doing, she wants us to have like 1000 questions and like 0 answers, so we would want to read the next and the next book.But I was frustrated... If she doesn't get "the look" someone "gave" her. How can we??? We read this from her POV, so she either need to grow up and be an adult, which she hates so viciously or I'll stop reading this series..I get that she has to make some stupid decisions to figure a lot. Nobody grew up over night. But oh man I wish she would. Cause it would be way more interesting if she would finally be "the woman" Ryo thinks she'll be.And speaking of a Devil...WTF??? Ryodan and Jo???? Jo????? Seriously? I was sooo furious with him!He's like waiting for our Mega to grow up and stuff, and then suddenly he's boiking Jo!And Dani don't even realize she's fecking jealous! How stupid can she be??What I Liked the most in this book:When Dani punched Ryo in the nose out of nowhere! LOOOOOOOOOOLI was laughing soo hard I couldn't breathe!The Persons I really liked in this book:DancerandLor