The Edge of Never - J.A. Redmerski More from me on 5 HUGE Stars!No spoilersFirst of all... This book broke my heart.. It really did! But by the end J.A.Redmerski was capable to put it back together.And before I say more, I just want to share a song, that was in my head throughout this all book.I know that Cam and Andrew would probably not be happy 'bout my pick, but I just feel this song is appropriate somehow for this book. And I really want to share that.The Song: Rihanna - DIAMONDSShort version of the book:So the story start with a girl, a broken one. She's gone through some horrible things in her life already, and she's only 20. It's hard for her to adapt in this life.She's dreaming of world-travel and feels like nobody gets her. So one day she just does it. Gets up, trow some necessary's in her bag and leaves... She don't know where's she going, and basically she don't even cares.And that's when all the fun begins! My thoughts:I don't wanna spoil you all that went on, so I wont! Cause this book...!!!! You need to read it and breath it in! It was such a beautiful, although a little heartbroken story. The pain, and the joy, the love.. all that they went through, I felt it in my bones. I cried when they did, I laughed when they laughed. And although I got the flu, and both of my girls are sick too, I stayed late in the night, as much as possible, read when I could, just to finally get to the end. I was so scared of the ending.. And when I couldn't read,( cause of the two sick kids... well, you can only imagine the fun lol) I thought about Cam and Andrew almost all the time, and Rihanna - Diamonds lyrics playing in my mind.Even now, it's still so fresh, that remember this book, especially some parts of it makes me wanna cry like mo'fo.I wanna thank to the Author for this amazing journey! I know that I say this a lot, but I only say it when I really mean it!