Eve of Samhain (The Hanaford Park Series, 1) - Lisa Sanchez 2 Stars - barely..I don't even know what to say..It was such a 'fairytale' and not in a good way. For very very naive people..The start was very promising, but after few pages it all went downhill so fast.. and I lost my interest completely. So I was struggling very hard to finish it, just for the pleasure of my masochistic side.Maybe some people would highly disagree with me... but that's my opinion.I would NOT read this again... I'm not sure I'll read the rest of the series. Maybe some day... when I'll be desperate for ... something.And yet I can not say it was bad. Though it wasn't great - that's for sure!There was something missing. There were no boundaries in the 'world' author wrote about. One minute there's fearies, the next you can be expecting angels coming down singing hallelujah! And the things that witches can do!! WOW...There was desperate need for some basic ground rules. There were no such thing So I'm really sad. For my wasted time and broken expectations.