Immortal in Death (In Death 03) - J D Robb 5 Stars!OMG this was soo good!!! Nora is really good at what she's doing! God created her to write and that shows in her work!I swallowed this book in one day, all the way with all my mom duties and I'm as happy as a satisfied reader could get! :))And by the way.. I totally knew it was that person who did all the crimes! I knew it, I could smell it! God I'm so smart :DDDD LOLI need just a little bit more data on books like this one and I'm definitely writing my own!Damn it , I'd be one helluva good cop! :)))Anyway, this series just keeps getting better and better. If you haven't started it yet, you should do that immediately ! Like now! Go online and buy her books or wait till morning ( it's a middle of the night right here.. well early morning I suppose :))) ) and go to your nearest book store or library! I'm having really great time reading this and I can't wait till I start the next book in this series!Dang.. that's a lot of exclamatory marks LOL :)) I think I'm exited so that's my short reviewsee ya! ;)