Easy - Tammara Webber,  Tara Sands Absolutely loved listening this audiobook! Narrator did a great job! It was almost like I had read it myself!review.. ~*~*~*~*~*~ 5 STARS!!!( I just can give less after listening to this!)This story is not about a love at first sight...This story is about a young woman..A story that made my hearth hurt more then few times..A story for , and not just, abused females all around the world.Ladies! - We need to unite, and NOT close to ourselves if we're being abused!Ask for There will always be someone who could help You!I started thinking that maybe I should also join self-defense classes! There were few moves in this book that I def would like to learn.That's right! I want tho share my excitement about martial arts in this book... there will be some action in that area. Oh, and there will be tats involved.. And everybody who knows me, knows my love for guys with tattoos.. It's just soo.. sinful :))Shallow me.. whatever :)) ~*~*~*~.... And there's the love story.. two people falling for each other no matter that the circumstances are not in their favor. It's about soul-deep connection and care..I don't want to reveal too much. You just have to read it by yourself :))BTW - it's very well written, maybe the story-line is a bit stretched in some places, but that doesn't really change anything.I loved this book the first time I've read it, and now.. It was even more amazing experience!!! Did I mentioned that this book.. It's beautiful! "Love is not the absence of logic, but logic examined and recalculated, heated and curved to fit inside the contours of the heart"more @