Beautiful Bastard - Christina Lauren *ARC received for a review from NetGalley.Awwwww this was HOT!!!My rating is 4 Stars!Holly.. mother of all Bastards! :))This book made my day! I felt so depressed, and this read.. I was laughing soo hard, I thought my own panties may rip LOLThis story is about what happens when you're a bastard and you want, no.. you NEED your assistant so much, you think you may burst!And this is what happens when your boos is a total dick, an ass-hat and completely irresistible and such a beautiful bastard!You can imagine what happens.. :))Panties are ripping, buttons are flying, steam is rising. Also there's a lot of panting, dirty words are flying in all directions.And everything would be just fine, except that they can't stand each other 'before' and 'after' all that heavy breathing is done. Still they need to work together and so the story takes us captive.I completely ignored everyone around me, I needed so much to finish this book and to know how will it end!!!And I can tell you right now, I Loved how it ended!This was such a wonderful refreshment for me!Read and enjoy!More @