Confessions of a Kinky Wife - Justine Elyot *ARC received from NetGalley.This was unexpectedly very enjoyable read!It deserves 4 Strong Stars! I don't even know what I was expecting from this book.But every time I see kinky now, I tend to think about some dark BDSM.But in this case it wasn't that. It didn't have that dark feeling you usually get when reading kinky unspeakable stories.It was light with great humor tossed in for a good measure!I was devouring it, and it was fun for me to see how other people tend to deal with problems in their marriage. And unexpected was the outcome!I rarely read books that includes already married couples, I find it somewhat boring. I love the chase and the anticipation of what to come when people meet and feel the attraction towards each other. The sex and other stuff are usually just a bonus for me. Especially if it's well written. I like the fighting and arguing, that feel of uncertainty. That kind of book definitely for me. But start a book with already married couple.. where you almost guess that the main thing in it will be someone cheating ... Thanks, but no thanks..So this book was a big surprise for me! They're married and You can still feel the heat, but also some uncertainty!Absolutely loved it!Although I'm not sure how would have I reacted to some actions that occurred throughout this book, but I guess we're all different and need different 'treatment' when we do a bad bad thing LOLBut I liked the way author described every important move and action, seriously! I almost could imagine feeling it myself!So If you like light kinky stories this is a definite TO READ book for You!More @