On Every Street  - Karina Halle ouch!This book hurt... a lot 5 Sizzling Stars!!!"...You need to be my everything."This is a "love" story of Ellie(Eden) and Javier. So I should say that after this book, I'm not even sure on who's team I am. At the beginning we got a glimpse at a very young and, in my opinion, very naive Ellie Watt. Of course she has this big bad plan for revenge. That should have made her into a bad-ass girl. Well let me say that it haven't worked out all that well. She got soft.Ah, I forgot to mention, - she fell in love too.And not just to anybody... But to a very charming, very possessive and very, very cruel man Javier... and oh my.. he's definitely a charmer! A real ladies man. He knows what he's doing, and he is doing it well. I would really like Javier's book, with his POV. He's a real puzzle to me. It looks like he's possessed with Ellie (Eden) and yet he's so distant sometimes. I would love to take a glance in his mind. "So why did you come here?" He smiled lazily. "I told you. I'm persistent. I don't like being told no." Reading the ending of this book really really hurt. I was so disappointed ... although.. I actually knew how this would all end.I was still hoping .. for some kind of HE I guess. I'm a romantic to the core. I believe even those bad, ugly people with rotten hearts deserve to love and be loved. Sad.. I know :) "Revenge has been my lover for too long," he said, breath hot on my neck. He began sliding down my body, toward the floor, arms around me. "Power, my savior. I need to learn how to put you first, above those things. I need you to help me. I don't want to love anything more than you, Eden, so please, I'm begging you, show me how. You need to be my everything." So anyway, I think I'll play safe for now and choose Team Elliefor now!I need more info about our 'boyz'. :)More @