Hunted (The Guardian Legacy, #3) - Ednah Walters 4 Strong stars!I've signed up for this blast and a book review, but I wasn't sure I'd even like this book or the series.I know... I know... I probably shouldn't say that, but I wanna be honestwhen I say that this book , this series more the surprised me, it blew my mind away! TOTALLY! UNEXPECTEDLY! ohhh.. and the ending.....! See, I read Ya from time to time, but I'm usually more hesitant to start with a teen angst.What I liked most in this book was Lil! How she is so much more mature!I've read this series, all 3 books in a row, so I actually felt proud of her! Of course this new book also brings more secrets, more enemies to love or to hate and a ton of action. There was A LOT of that. And I loved it!The fight between God and Evil - super! I don't wanna spoil anything for ya, so I just want to advise you.. orbetter yet, I insist, that if you haven't bought this book yet, or if you haven't even read this series in a first place.. You, my dear friend must do that IMMEDIATELY! more @