The Siren - Tiffany Reisz " Show,Don't tell. "5 amazing stars!!!!When I first read the blurb, or maybe it was the second time? Don't remember, but I thought that wow, this will do! This story is what I need right now.I imagined that Zack will be this hardcore, dom type editor who'll kick Nora's ass, figuratively speaking :)) And Nora will be this submissive, brilliant woman with defiance in her eyes! Our regular BDSM. After long power struggle they'll finally settle down and live happily ever after.. I could have not been more wrong! This story is nothing I've ever expected. And It's not a romance story either, so don't fool yourself with hopes of happy endings. This is a horror story if anything and I think the 'author' IN this book would agree with me. Here.. the person who loves you don't bring you flowers, no.. He beats you. Among other things.. That said, I wasn't disappointed with this book. Quite the contrary, I loved it! It's emotional, raw, true to the core. Full of desires and hurt and pain and love. Yes love.But it's not a romance.It's a horror story!more @