Two Alone - Sandra Brown, Joyce Bean There might be some spoilers, consider yourself warned! I was curious to listen to this book.I loved it the first time I read it, it was in my language so I wanted a real feel for it.And I feel a bit disappointed with the story itself. I guess it has a lot to do with that it was written about the time I was born. So I don't agree with a lot of comparisons between man and a woman.I also don't agree with hero's mannerism and that the heroine was so spineless and took soo many insults. I would have slapped the shit out of the hero in the first 10 minutes of the book. Stress or no stress, you DO NOT talk to a woman like that, who just basically saved your life if nothing else. No matter if you like, hate or despise her. That was just wrong. And In my opinion she forgave and forgot everything way too quickly.Anyway Sandra Brown always knew how to write a story, and to keep readers interested and entranced in the read.And it's also sad, cause I'm a big fan of her, but the ending wasn't to my liking :( It was lacking the intensity of their relationship.But all that stuff aside, I liked it. There were a lot of eye-rolling, but I forgave for that. Again - it's the time it was written. 50shades would have shocked the shh.. out of everyone :DDPeace