Never Too Far - Abbi Glines WHATAHELL happened to my smart Blaire??? Where is she???? What have you done to her?I don't know you!You keep reacting to anything and everything, you don't use your head, only your emotions! I know it's hard on ya right about now, but seriously!!! WHAT THE HELL??And you Rush.. don't even make me start on you!You're in so much trouble now!How is it that guys just don't think? I mean in situations like this one, they just stop using their brainz!Oh but I guess since Blaire stopped using hers, you're perfect or each other, then...The only thing that's saving this book is that it's not the real ending, we have another book.Well, and maybe that everything got better in the end, at least I was happy with it. If not the ending you'd now be witnessing me using a lot of insulting gif's and probably 1 to 3 star review.I'm so not proud with this book. I loved the first one, what happened?Someone? ANYONE?Agh!Anyway, most of it was just Frustrating! Frustrante! Frustrant! Frustrující! Frustrierend! Sinir bozucu! Frustrująca!Ματαίωση!there ya go. Now I feel better :)But, no matter how frustrating this was, I will read the last book in this series. I just need a short break... I can't even look at them at the moment..Peace,A.