Bone Crossed (Mercedes Thompson, #4) - Patricia Briggs Prepare to be SPOILED! And not in a good way..Do you know the feeling, when you're actually sick with disappointment? That's how I feel. Well maybe I ate to much, that could be it too, but I'm fairly certain it's the disappointment. -.-And angry! Adam is a real impotent if you'd ask me. He's never there when she TRULY needs him to be there... When there's the most important battles she's all alone. Maybe it's the idea of her being capable to fight on her own and blah. But she always says that she's not strong enough.But then she goes and saves the day! Really? wow.. she must have been kidding herself...Also lets not forget that same old pattern, which by now really pisses me off! I really need to take a breather on this series.. although I'm not even sure if I come back at all.Oh and have you noticed how everybody loves everybody, but you CAN'T actually feel that love??ah, right, we have to assume it's there!!! I'm so done for right now....Peace,A.