Vacant [Adult version]

Vacant [Adult version] - Evelyn R. Baldwin Well.. sadly I didn't loved this like other people did.So I give 3 Stars! and still feel generous about it.The whole story line... it was a total mood killer. There was no theme development there. Only jumping from subject to subject. I'm actually surprised with myself cause I tend to support young/new writers no matter what.. But It was nothing like I expected. And "Mayhem Erotica"? Seriously?My first thought after I finished this was - "puh-lease!"I actually don't really know what this was. I'm very disappointed.This could have been such a good story.I assume it was, in the authors head. But honestly, we can't read minds.I think it's the harshest review of mine so far.But I just feel mad.It wasn't even that beautiful of a story, it was naive.On the other hand, there were few very important subjects brought to attention. So maybe that's why I don't give it only 1 star.And I actually laughed - 2 times, that helps to.So consider yourself warned! PeaceMore @