Hot Head

Hot Head (Head #1) - Damon Suede



I was bored, and so decided to read something new. And this popped out from somewhere!

And I'm really happy that I started it! This is M/M and it's HOT! Like ... Smoke and Fire! :))

But there's more, what I loved about this story was how author talked about 9/11. The thing the people went through... My heart was and still is aching or everyone there who went through that nightmare! 

And the people who lost their loved ones.. And for those who are now dead..
I still remember that day, when I came back from school, turned on my tv, but every channel were broadcast live with footage from Big Apple. Because of the time differences it was not long after the first plane crashed. I was shocked and couldn't stop crying.. I still remember that feeling of helplessness and loss.. It was horrible! 
So this is not just some gay romance here, this is a great book that shows more and make you think more.