Morningside - Ashley Madau 3,5 Stars!12/11/2012 -- Finished readingI've got this book for a review.So my thoughts about it..The start was a bit bumpy. There was a lot going on, and it was a bit hard to handle.But as the book progressed It was easier to grasp everything. This book is nothing like I've ever read before.I don't think I enjoyed the style it was written in. But it was Ok.The story goes about a girl-turned vampire, who's struggling to accept what she is and what she's not.Time-line changes through the book, but most the action is in present.And there's a love triangle of course. But mostly this book is about the girl and what she's going through emotionally after change. Her thoughts and feelings are the foundation for this book.Honestly I didn't liked in the beginning, but till I reached the end I guess I connected with the characters enough not to hate it :)) It was strange for me, cause it's seems author has way different view about everything then what we're used to. And that's a good thing!And no matter what other comments say, I think Ashley Madau have a huge potential, and she should keep writing cause I'd really like to read more from her!