Broken Hart (The Hart Family)

Broken Hart  - Ella Fox More from me on 3,5 stars! Very, very HOT read. Lots of sensuality and sexSo.I liked it. Didn't loved it, but it was OK.Why just ok? Well, I need more story line, more actions not just porn for your imagination.Although I can not say that I haven't enjoyed it very much. I did!And what I hated the most was "the dirty-talk". 90% of it I was just rolling my eyes or face palming, sometimes eve laughing out laud, cause really.... What normal person can be 110 percent in to the lust mode doing "acrobatics" and at the same time make full, correct sentences of a dirty-talk????In the beginning it was funny at how unnatural it all sounded, in the end it was just annoying .I'm sorry but I can't imagine a man inside me, at the intense moment of doing .. that, and then he'd stop (while still inside me) and begin explaining how he feels right now, in full 5 or maybe even 7 sentences. (???)I guess the ending was fine... A bit too sweet for me, too naive for my taste. I like HEA.. but this was just so...*eye-roll*