Edge of Dawn (Midnight Breed, #11)

Edge of Dawn (Midnight Breed, #11) - Lara Adrian *ARC received from NetGalley for a review I'll give 5 Stars! although I'm not sure it's worth that. But I just love these series too much!First of all I like to say how much I adore this Author! I'm in love with this book series from the first sentence that I've read! There's everything that I like - action, a little bit of mystery (sometimes a lot more the a little bit), love and romance and of course paranormal activity!What can I say, I'm hopeless when it comes to that :) So, about the book.In the beginning it was a little hard to comprehend what's going on.There were a lot of those What?When?Where? and WTH's? Because Author decided to proceed this series with action taking place 20 years after the last book. A lot of new names and activities.It was like starting new series, but with the old and familiar feelings :)From what I've read here, I think this series is far from ending, I really hope so!I just wish that we(fans) wouldn't have to wait so long for next book!*hint-hint* :)The story is about Mira and Kellan Archer. Because of the time that had passed in the series they're both no longer kids and the connection they had before transformed into true friendship, love, passion..Sadly not everything is good for them.. actually nothing is good, at least at the start.And Mira's gift played a crucial part in all of it.Lets not forget about very dangerous and powerful threat hiding very near..Threat that'll have an impact on all, the human race and especially The Breed. Looks like the war is coming... And you'll never guess with whom!!I'm already tearing out off of my skin! I want more of this bewitching world that Lara Adrian creates! Looks like I'll be skinless by the time new book appears LOLAnyway, this was good read! I'm pleased with how it came up.And I really hope the next story will be about Nathan!More @